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Chief Changemaker Says...

John Tan

"I started Saturday Kids in 2012 largely because I was looking for places I could send my then one year old for coding classes when he’s a bit older and there weren’t any coding schools for kids back then.

Over the last 4 years we have taught over 2,000 kids digital literacy. The goal is to teach 200,000 kids over the next 4 years by making our classes accessible to families across all demographics."

John Tan

Chief Changemaker

Yeah... We totally made that title up.

Our Courses

Creative Coder

Combine creative thinking & problem solving skills to build websites, applications, animations & games.
Great for introducing your child to programming.

Scratch for Kids

Scratch Programming

Scratch is a visual programming language for kids designed by MIT. Great way to introduce kids to programming & computational thinking skills.

  • Designed for kids
  • Visual programming
  • Good introductory course
  • Recommended for kids 7-12
HTML/CSS for Kids

HTML/CSS for Kids

HTML & CSS are the backbone of any website. HTML gives structure, CSS shapes the appearance. Essential for any web developer.

  • Build your own website
  • Programming Fundamental
  • Good intro to text-based programming
  • Recommended for kids 10-15
Python for Kids

Python for Kids

Python is a programming language that's easy to learn & has a wide variety of uses. Simple yet powerful language to build web applications

  • Gentle learning curve
  • Learn data structures
  • Good intro to OOP
  • Recommended for kids 10-15
Swift for Kids

Apple Swift for Kids

Swift is a programming language created by Apple for iOS, Mac. Kids will learn fundamentals through a visual interface that makes learning Swift interactive & fun. The future for Apple Apps.

  • Solve puzzles to master coding basics
  • Built to take full advantage of the iPad
  • Versatile language for Apple devices
  • Recommended for kids 10-15

Designer Engineer

Combine physics, design thinking & robotics to invent & delight.
Great for hands on learning.

littleBits for Kids

littleBits x Design Thinking

littleBits are fun, simple & intuitive electronic modules made especially for children. Make wonderfully complex projects with little engineering knowledge.

  • Create instant circuits
  • Good intro to electronics
  • Global community of young inventors
  • Recommended for kids 5-12
MakeyMakey for Kids

Scratch x MakeyMakey

Get crafty, learn to build a game console with Makey Makey - an electronic circuit board that turns conductive surfaces into a keyboard.
Code an interactive game in Scratch & control it with Makey Makey

  • Easy to use invention kit
  • Great with Scratch
  • Connect everyday objects to computer programs
  • Recommended for kids 7-12
MakeyMakey for Kids

Scratch x Lego WeDo

Explore the interaction between software & hardware by inventing innovative & wacky inventions using Lego WeDo & using Scratch to program their inventions.
Invent your own machine using Lego & Scratch Programming

  • Who doesn't love Lego?
  • Interact with both hardware & software
  • Design & Program your own machine
  • Recommended for kids 7-16
Graphic Design x Design Thinking for Kids

Graphic Design

Kids learn to create vector graphics & art using free & open source software. Kids design their very own printed drawstring bag.

  • Create vector graphics
  • Bring your design home
  • Learn through free open source software
  • Recommended for kids 10-15
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Our Past Events

Google Shophouse Scratch x Design Thinking Programming Workshops
Google Shophouse Scratch x Design Thinking Programming Workshops
IDA Hackathon@SG 2016 Design Thinking x Scratch Programming Workshop
IDA [email protected] 2015 Design Thinking x Scratch Programming Workshop
Google x UN Women Workshop Scratch Day 2014
Google x UN Women Workshop Scratch Day 2014
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